Bass bite died down

Since I worked during the day and could only leave after 5, my regular nighttime fall fishing was getting less and less productive. Finally after a few nights of zero hits, I decided to call it a year for the bass.

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It was a great first year of bass fishing! What fish should I be targeting next?

DIY Spinnerbait bass

There is nothing like making your own lure and then catching fish on it!

Again, as I was rolling the spinnerbait back towards me, I missed a hit right at my feet. I know I always miss the hits. But I always try again, and the second time it connected square in the mouth and I caught my first DIY spinnerbait bass!

 photo 80CF4D49-3F4B-4082-A17D-354395BA1E5C.jpg

I am an avid follower of and I followed one of his many lure making tutorials for this! Go check it out!
For this spinnerbait, I used stainless steel wire, steel bullet weight, 5/0 O’Shaughnessy hook, Bass Pro shops Tourney Special Silicone skirt and a little colorado blade. It gives out a tonne of vibrations as I reel him in.

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Fishing upstate

With the end of fall quickly approaching, Dennis and I made plans to go upstate to do some camping and fishing. A storm was suppose to roll in the following Monday, so we hastily decided to go up on Friday. It turned out that we were in another weather system and it was freezing up there!

Thank goodness I bought a decent sleeping bag rated to 40F!

Deceivingly good weather at the start of the trip!

It was super cold and rainy! Good thing I had a huge tarp from the Kelty Noah series! My pack and everything else underneath it was dry!

The bass were not biting during the day! But after dinner I managed to find two little bass to bite! Little but with a big belly!

 photo 2A5448B8-2D96-4A30-98FF-5B55CD1199B7.jpg

We had zero hits the next day and almost wanted to find some baits to use! But this salamander was so cute and its probably an illegal bait to use! We shall get some Zoom lizards in this color to hit that lake next time we hike out!

 photo 29031EE7-F3C8-4DF5-A68A-DA7C2E827B7C.jpg

Freezing morning breakfast!

Personal Best Largemouth

I was hosting my friend for two weeks during the fall, which was great because I enjoy having friends over! However that meant having a little less time to fish. So when my friend left for the airport, off I went to do a little fishing in the park!

I never had much faith in crankbaits because I never really caught anything with it when I tied it on. And when I never get any hits, I switch out to something else and never really go back later. But today I wanted to focus on using just the squarebill crankbaits. I tied on a cheap Jaw Bone branded crankbait from Dick’s Sporting Goods and went about casting it along the margins.

It received no hits at all as I slowly made my way around the pond. Eventually, I get to a large rock point that juts out into this pond and cast the lure across to the reeds on the other bank. I had never caught anything from section of water, since the water is very shallow and flat. But today as I cranked the little bait back towards me, I felt an unmistakable hit and pull back on the rod! It pulled out from the lips of the bass and came flying back towards me. I was devastated! It felt like a good sized bass! Undeterred I casted the lure back into the same pocket of water and slowly cranked back! BAM! The bass came back to hit it and this time the hookset caught the lips. The fight was on! It was heavy and I fought the fish. I’ve only caught a 2.8 lb bass before, but this definitely felt bigger.

It was pulling drag and swimming out from the shallow water, but I managed to turn its head towards me. Now the bass is close to the rocks and with one last heave. The bass is landed! I quicker lipped it and held it up. The face was so meaty, the lips so fat. It was barely hooked, but the rear treble had found purchase in the upper lips on the bass.

I was so happy!

Topwater is the best

On Sunday, I made my way to the pond for bass fishing and soon got caught in a unexpectedly heavy shower that well… only lasted 15 minutes. I’ve learnt standing under trees is almost as good as an umbrella when you don’t have one. I must emphasize that is it TREES.

After the nice afternoon shower, I found a bass roaming about at the top of the water column on the far side of the pond. I tied on my homemade green monster topwater lure and went after it. Bam! The first hit was a miss. I recast it out to him again. Bam! This time a solid hookset! I pulled him in.

A closer look at the lure and bass.

This was my second topwater bass. The first one was this little guy. He just hit the lure after it landed in the water. I suspect he was biting on the “side” eyes I painted, which you can’t see in this picture.

Bass fishing

There is something about it that I enjoy very much. Most of the time you can’t see the Bass, unlike Carp which you can “see” if you know the signs and clues that point them out.

After many days of trying to fish the bass, I’ve learned just a little bit about finding them. Think it looks like a good spot? Throw a soft plastic worm in.

Trick Worm

The trick worm works but I am bad at feeling for the bites and setting the hook. So far I’ve lost 9 fishes right at the bank because I didn’t feel it. I saw the beautiful white belly of the bass as it release my worm 9 times. However, I did manage to catch two little bass on the trick worm.

I think I am going to switch to braid.

Surprise Bass

I met Dennis to fish for largemouth bass at the pond. I was dropping a bullet weight Texas rigged trick worm into the bushes along the margins. It was painfully slow – no bites or misses. Though I saw beautiful carps tailing and feeding, I didn’t want to “give up” and switch over to carp.

Eventually, I gave up on the worm and tied on a new bait that I bought over the week – a red lipless crankbait. I was throwing it around to see how it sinks and swims. It looked good and I walked over to Dennis to show him.

He was fishing in a really shallow spot that probably has around 2-3 feet of water. I plopped the bait into the water at our feet and BAM a bass that was lurking in a dark corner comes straight out for it. It was amazing to see the speed and ferocity of the bass. Dennis was just shocked that the bass was right there while he was throwing his senkos far out to the weeds on the opposing bank. It weighted about a pound. The largest I’ve caught this season.