Fishing together!

Last Sunday, I went out with my fiancee to the pond for some sunfish! We started with some small little plastic worms, but were having such a hard time getting the sunfish to bite. We cheated and switched to bread! Volia!

Later, she had to go off and I went to the lake for some carp! On the way, I spied another angler fishing for bass at my spot. So I made a detour to try the opposing bank, which required some climbing to get to. I could see the carps tailing in the water. But the trees made my regular roll cast incredibly difficult. I had to switch to my left and it just wasn’t working out.

I shouted over said hi, and told him I was going to join him there. He was nice enough and soon we were both fishing together. Although, we were close, it was good training and afforded a lot more space than the other spot.

A few casts and I was on to a carp that zipped off and broke my line after tangling it with a brush pile. Smart carp. Well, a few hours later I was on another carp, that was so small it did not pull any line out. It too managed to put my line though a tree brunch. Later, I would lose another carp. Yay for the little one!