Bringing a friend

Last night, I met Dennis at the lake to teach him the simple way to catch carp! We wanted to use bread, but when I arrived it was so windy. We wouldn’t be able to fish with bread on the surface. Hence, we switched to corn that would let us fish the bottom!

It was 37 degrees and we were the only two foolish fisherman out there. We chummed the water, and cast out our little corn bait hair-rigs. No carp. We’re getting cold and started talking about food. Bad sign. Our discipline and resolve to catch carp was diminishing as the wind howled at us. But recalling the carp videos on youtube, we decided to chum another fishy looking spot at the far corn from where we were to hit if the current spot wasn’t getting any hits. Lesson learnt, always chum another spot.

We moved our rods over. Bam! Dennis’s rod was zipping off. I was shouting instructions to turn up the drag so the fish doesn’t go too far. The fish ended up swimming all the way to our previous spot. I was ready with the net and got her in just as the hook came off. All thoughts of food and leaving to find food disappeared! Soon, my rod is zipping off as well!

What a night!