Surprise Bass

I met Dennis to fish for largemouth bass at the pond. I was dropping a bullet weight Texas rigged trick worm into the bushes along the margins. It was painfully slow – no bites or misses. Though I saw beautiful carps tailing and feeding, I didn’t want to “give up” and switch over to carp.

Eventually, I gave up on the worm and tied on a new bait that I bought over the week – a red lipless crankbait. I was throwing it around to see how it sinks and swims. It looked good and I walked over to Dennis to show him.

He was fishing in a really shallow spot that probably has around 2-3 feet of water. I plopped the bait into the water at our feet and BAM a bass that was lurking in a dark corner comes straight out for it. It was amazing to see the speed and ferocity of the bass. Dennis was just shocked that the bass was right there while he was throwing his senkos far out to the weeds on the opposing bank. It weighted about a pound. The largest I’ve caught this season.