Topwater is the best

On Sunday, I made my way to the pond for bass fishing and soon got caught in a unexpectedly heavy shower that well… only lasted 15 minutes. I’ve learnt standing under trees is almost as good as an umbrella when you don’t have one. I must emphasize that is it TREES.

After the nice afternoon shower, I found a bass roaming about at the top of the water column on the far side of the pond. I tied on my homemade green monster topwater lure and went after it. Bam! The first hit was a miss. I recast it out to him again. Bam! This time a solid hookset! I pulled him in.

A closer look at the lure and bass.

This was my second topwater bass. The first one was this little guy. He just hit the lure after it landed in the water. I suspect he was biting on the “side” eyes I painted, which you can’t see in this picture.