Personal Best Largemouth

I was hosting my friend for two weeks during the fall, which was great because I enjoy having friends over! However that meant having a little less time to fish. So when my friend left for the airport, off I went to do a little fishing in the park!

I never had much faith in crankbaits because I never really caught anything with it when I tied it on. And when I never get any hits, I switch out to something else and never really go back later. But today I wanted to focus on using just the squarebill crankbaits. I tied on a cheap Jaw Bone branded crankbait from Dick’s Sporting Goods and went about casting it along the margins.

It received no hits at all as I slowly made my way around the pond. Eventually, I get to a large rock point that juts out into this pond and cast the lure across to the reeds on the other bank. I had never caught anything from section of water, since the water is very shallow and flat. But today as I cranked the little bait back towards me, I felt an unmistakable hit and pull back on the rod! It pulled out from the lips of the bass and came flying back towards me. I was devastated! It felt like a good sized bass! Undeterred I casted the lure back into the same pocket of water and slowly cranked back! BAM! The bass came back to hit it and this time the hookset caught the lips. The fight was on! It was heavy and I fought the fish. I’ve only caught a 2.8 lb bass before, but this definitely felt bigger.

It was pulling drag and swimming out from the shallow water, but I managed to turn its head towards me. Now the bass is close to the rocks and with one last heave. The bass is landed! I quicker lipped it and held it up. The face was so meaty, the lips so fat. It was barely hooked, but the rear treble had found purchase in the upper lips on the bass.

I was so happy!