Fishing upstate

With the end of fall quickly approaching, Dennis and I made plans to go upstate to do some camping and fishing. A storm was suppose to roll in the following Monday, so we hastily decided to go up on Friday. It turned out that we were in another weather system and it was freezing up there!

Thank goodness I bought a decent sleeping bag rated to 40F!

Deceivingly good weather at the start of the trip!

It was super cold and rainy! Good thing I had a huge tarp from the Kelty Noah series! My pack and everything else underneath it was dry!

The bass were not biting during the day! But after dinner I managed to find two little bass to bite! Little but with a big belly!

 photo 2A5448B8-2D96-4A30-98FF-5B55CD1199B7.jpg

We had zero hits the next day and almost wanted to find some baits to use! But this salamander was so cute and its probably an illegal bait to use! We shall get some Zoom lizards in this color to hit that lake next time we hike out!

 photo 29031EE7-F3C8-4DF5-A68A-DA7C2E827B7C.jpg

Freezing morning breakfast!