DIY Spinnerbait bass

There is nothing like making your own lure and then catching fish on it!

Again, as I was rolling the spinnerbait back towards me, I missed a hit right at my feet. I know I always miss the hits. But I always try again, and the second time it connected square in the mouth and I caught my first DIY spinnerbait bass!

 photo 80CF4D49-3F4B-4082-A17D-354395BA1E5C.jpg

I am an avid follower of and I followed one of his many lure making tutorials for this! Go check it out!
For this spinnerbait, I used stainless steel wire, steel bullet weight, 5/0 O’Shaughnessy hook, Bass Pro shops Tourney Special Silicone skirt and a little colorado blade. It gives out a tonne of vibrations as I reel him in.

 photo 406B9077-F7F6-4F5D-814B-78B89C6CFC73.jpg