Striped Bass

Striped Bass. The fish that I had spent the summer of ’14 targeting to no avail. I bought fresh clams and spent many hours on the water. But I always came back with a healthy tan and nothing to show for it.

After the bass bite had ended, I noticed a fellow carp and bass fisherman friend of mine post up pictures of striped bass that he had caught in the last month. I decided to reach out to him and set a date to go join him on the Hudson river for some striper action.

We bought worms and claims. The worms are expensive. $1 for a worm. It better catch us some stripers!

And it did!

 photo 2A14F705-1AF9-4716-9D64-4EA58F33280D.jpg

It was almost like carp fishing! The line just zips off and the drags starts ticking! But it was the only striper to hit my bait. =( And that was $12.

 photo 780493A4-A44F-4971-84BD-47174F2796F7.jpg

Nevertheless, the view, sunset and company were amazing! I still had a great time!

 photo 1A46BEEF-5AC0-4BBF-B2B4-92E09EFFB7AF.jpg

The bait stealers!