First plugging striper

I had the same setup as described in the previous post. 1 bait and 1 plugging rod. After threading the shrimp on the 8/0 hook, I cast out and begin setting up my other rod for plugging. Its not a special rod, its a Calypso Mako telescoping rod that you can get from or Sports Authority. I received it as a christmas present from wife’s sister a year or so back.

I did not know what retrieve speed or action I should give to the plug as I worked it back. But since I was using 25lb mono and could not feel the plug swimming, I jerked the rod each time I reel in some line. Then I felt a hit, the plug was still a ways out so it could not be striking the rocks. I swung the rod up to set the hook, but again missed the hook set. WHY DOES THIS ALWAYS HAPPEN TO ME!

This hit only made me more focused and as I worked the plug back over the water I was eagerly anticipating another strike from the striper. A few casts in, I felt the hit again and I set the hook hard! I felt the weight of the fish and the fight was on. Afraid to lose the fish with a bad hook set, I set the hook a few more times. A few minutes and the fish was landed.

It struck at the head of the plug and I had a proper hook set in the mouth.

 photo BE0E94A9-9895-444F-8564-9CFBBDE9A582.jpg

 photo 8F529598-D83B-47CF-9010-B63574C75DD7.jpg

WHOOO! I hooked up two more later on!