Carp on the fly

I went to the lake on Sunday to practice some roll casting and caught a carp on the fly after switching to a weighted pink zonker fly.

Begining the day at my usual spot and I was immediately told off by a man who said, “you know you can’t fish here right?” His companion chimes in saying something about turtles and that she would check on her phone. All the while, people around were feeding the ducks, with a clear sign stating that no feeding were allowed.

Well, they never bothered me again and did not apologize for ruining my day. I moved on as there were no carps at that spot, and kept my mouth shut while I walked pass them. I would have said, “Tourist,” which would piss these self-righteous people off.

I stopped at a point on the lake and practiced more casting. At some point, a fellow fisherman with his girlfriend stops by to talk and mentions a cove where he saw carps hanging out.

Heeding his advise, I seemed out the cove and found it to be perfect for casting, as it had a steep bank, which deters tourists from standing around for too long. I started with a corn fly, and chummed the swim with some bread and corn. Soon, signs of carp were appearing, swirls and bubbles on the surface, and the occasional splash. But none were taking my corn fly, so I switched out to a bread fly and chummed with more bread to bring them up to feed on the surface.

Unfortunately, that did not work and I had to be heading back soon. In my frustration, I decided to switch to the zonker. Two casts in, and the carp took it. What an amazing feeling. The line starts zipping out and the fight is on.